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Cristabelle Braden is a singer, songwriter, speaker on brain injury, and the founder of Hope After Head Injury. After suffering a traumatic brain injury as a young teen, she has grown and overcome barriers that were never dreamed possible, including graduating from college, releasing three albums of original music, and touring the country as a singer and speaker on brain injury. She never wrote a song before the brain injury, but within the first month of recovery songs started pouring out of her. All of this has given Cristabelle a great resolve to use music to share her hope-filled story of rehabilitation from brain injury as a way to encourage and empower others going through similar circumstances.

In February 2017 she released an original EP entitled Hope Survives, with songs all about her journey through brain injury, and has toured all over the country to sing and speak at brain injury support groups, rehab centers, conferences, prison ministries, homeless shelters, music venues, and more. In Fall 2017 she marked her radio debut with “Let The Sun In”, serviced to national and international Christian INSPO/Soft AC and Christian AC-formatted radio stations. The goal of her organization Hope After Head Injury is to provide a support system which focuses on the emotional aspect on healing from brain injury, with an emphasis on online support. (SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL BIO)


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9/1/17 – “Let The Sun In (Radio Remix)

2/24/17 –  “Hope Survives” EP




“The lyrics in the seven songs on Hope Survives are powerful enough on their own, but coupled with Cristabelle’s inspirational story of surviving a tragedy and coming out the other side stronger, they become powerful anthems of faith and hope for anyone walking through a difficult situation. Cristabelle’s passion to encourage others with her life shines through in every track as her voice beautifully carries melodies that will get stuck in your head while reminding you of Scriptural truth. A musical journey that has the potential to impact many hearts, Hope Survives is an album filled with the promise of redemption.” (read the full review)


“Music is quite possibly the most powerful way of communicating the rhythms of life: the pain, the joy, the despair, the hope, etc. Indie artist Cristabelle Braden clearly knows this and is taking her opportunity to share the pain she has experienced and the hope given to her in Jesus with her latest release, Hope Survives.” (read the full review)

New music video – filmed on the Hope Survives Tour 2017:

Previous EPs:

all-is-calm-all-is-bright-cover-finalI am Yours cover
“All Is Calm – All Is Bright” Christmas (2016), “I Am Yours” (2013), “Harmony” (2011)





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“We had the amazing opportunity to have Cristabelle Braden speak and sing for our clients and staff at Success Rehabilitation Inc. Her energy and storytelling ability were electrifying! She fully engaged her audience for 90 minutes, and left us wanting more. Our clients felt that Cristabelle’s story was their story, too, and her music was enthralling. Cristabelle’s message is about possibilities. She left us all feeling that while perfection is not attainable, we can adjust to changes and reach new destinations. I highly recommend listening to her message of sunshine and hope.”

-Ronnie Pozzi, Director of Client Services, Success Rehabilitation, Inc.

“Cristabelle led a powerful worship service of song and testimony at our church as a missions emphasis. Local members of brain injury support groups joined us. Before the service, she graciously met with our youth personally. One girl present told a family member that she would remember the night forever. I certainly will. Her singing is extraordinary, as is her courageous, transparent testimony of God’s grace.”

-Rev Jeff Coppage, Pastor, Fries Memorial Moravian Church, Winston-Salem NC

“Cristabelle Braden is real-life living, breathing, walking miracle, and testimony! She is a genuine, spiritually gifted, prolific writer, and multi-instrumentalist, who also has been given the incredible talent to sing as well as powerfully perform the songs God has given her. Cristabelle is also a truly gracious and humble young woman of God, with a servants heart. You absolutely need to invite her to your church, youth ministry, or musical outreach outreach event. You will be blessed and completely inspired at what God will do through her ministry!”

-Rev. John Accunzo, Ministry Director and Engineer at Souled Out: The Basement at St. David’s Philadelphia, PA


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If there is one thing you need to know, it’s this: Cristabelle Braden offers more than music; she offers inspiration, hope, and sincerity. Her life is a miraculous testimony of courage and strength, described perfectly by the title of her new album – Hope Survives.

On a Sunday evening as a young teen, Cristabelle attended her youth group as she did every week. But this was no ordinary night at youth group: as a result of a running game accident, Cristabelle hit her head off a cement wall and onto the floor. The swelling in her brain caused a traumatic brain injury and in one instant her life was changed forever. As other teenagers were learning how to drive, having sleepovers, and going to the mall, Cristabelle was just trying to get through each day while suffering from memory loss, headaches, overstimulation, fatigue, and more. She spent years in rehabilitation therapy and spent time away from school. Cristabelle was told by her doctors that she may never graduate high school, be independent from her parents, or be able to go away to college – yet she has grown and overcome barriers that were never dreamed possible, including graduating from college, writing and releasing original music, and touring the country as a singer and speaker on brain injury.

During the process of brain injury rehabilitation, music began to take shape in her life and heart. Although she had never written a song before her brain injury, during the first month afterwards songs started to pour out of her. Although she continued to struggle with simple daily tasks, her ability to create music flourished; and most notably, her ability to write beautifully poignant lyrics despite word-finding issues in daily conversation. Within the first few years, she had written hundreds of songs. It soon became clear to all who knew Cristabelle that her music was something meant to be shared.

The hope Cristabelle lives out each day shines through on stage and off, as she shares her emotional journey with a sweet sincerity and a wisdom far beyond her years. This clearly comes through in her songwriting. Her music tells her story through songs narrating the struggle of finding hope through the darkest times, never giving up, and continuing to fight despite the most difficult of circumstances.

Through her journey of recovery, Cristabelle grew more and more passionate about TBI support and awareness, and now has become very active as an advocate for brain injury. The goal of her organization “Hope After Head Injury” is to provide a support system which focuses on the emotional aspect on healing from brain injury. Cristabelle effectively uses social media to reach out to brain injury survivors and caregivers through an active online support group, weekly live video chats, and posts encouraging the community to keep going through the daily struggles of brain injury.

One of her videos entitled “You Look Fine: The Real Life Struggle of an Invisible Injury” went viral on Facebook and now has over 75,000 views (and counting). This led to her being invited to speak at brain injury conferences across the nation. She has given the keynote address at the Mayo Clinic Brain Injury Conference, and multiple statewide Brain Injury Association of America conferences, including Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Rhode Island, and North Dakota, among others.

Having a traumatic brain injury is not an easy road, but the knowledge that God has a plan for her life has empowered her to overcome adversity.Her hope and prayer is that she can impact the lives of others, whether it be through a lyric, melody, or a simple word of encouragement. Cristabelle has come a very long way and is now a focused young woman with a simple desire to share a message of hope wherever she goes.

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