Cristabelle Braden is a singer/songwriter, national advocate for brain injury, and the founder of Hope After Head Injury. After suffering a traumatic brain injury as a young teen, she has grown and overcome barriers that were never dreamed possible, including graduating from college, recording and releasing original music, and touring the country as a singer and speaker on brain injury. She never wrote a song before the brain injury, but within the first month of recovery songs started pouring out of her. All of this has given Cristabelle a great resolve to use music to share her hope-filled story as a way to encourage and empower others going through similar circumstances.

In February 2017 she released an original EP entitled Hope Survives, and subsequently set out on tour to sing and speak at brain injury support groups, rehab centers, conferences, prison ministries, homeless shelters, music venues, and more.

The hope Cristabelle lives out each day shines through on stage and off, as she shares her emotional journey with a sweet sincerity and a wisdom far beyond her years. This clearly comes through in her songwriting. Her music tells her story through songs narrating the struggle of finding hope through the darkest times, never giving up, and continuing to fight despite the most difficult of circumstances.

Through her journey of recovery, Cristabelle grew more and more passionate about TBI support and awareness, and now has become very active as an advocate for brain injury. The goal of her organization Hope After Head Injury is to provide a support system which focuses on the emotional aspect on healing from brain injury, with an emphasis on online support.

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