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Hope Survives (Anthem For Survivors) – Now Available!

It’s finally here!! Download my new single “Hope Survives (Anthem For Survivors)” on iTunes or bandcamp now – or gift it to a friend! <3 Proceeds support Brain Injury Awareness! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/hope-survives-anthem-for-survivors/id977277496 http://cristabellebraden.bandcamp.com/track/hope-survives-anthem-for-survivors Read more →

Brain Injury Video Blogs – Hope After Head Injury

Today is the first day of Brain Injury Awareness Month [March]! I’ve started posting Brain Injury Video Blogs, and I’m so excited to be posting more in the near future! You can check them out on my YouTube Channel or on the Hope After Head Injury facebook page. Here is the most recent one! Read more →

Nominated for the Kindred Awards!! Please Vote!! :)

I’ve been nominated for my First. Ever. Music. Award!! The Kindred Awards! Vote Here: http://www.sjchristianevents.com/kindred-awards-voting/ 2 Categories: -Female Vocalist of the Year -Solo Contemporary Artist of the Year Voting is OPEN & closes Sunday March 8. Thank you for your support!! <3 Read more →

Wait…I lived in Nashville?! (CMC)

From January 11 to April 18 I lived in Nashville, TN as a student at the Contemporary Music Center. It was one of the most challenging, rewarding, and fun couple months of my entire life!! As a student in the Artist Track, my homework consisted of: writing a song a week, recording every day, writing up charts & rehearsing a… Read more →

I am Yours CD Release: Press

Well… my 2nd CD, “I am Yours” is coming out! There are 2 concerts, May 4 in Annville and May 11 in the Lehigh Valley. I am so excited about it and I wanted to share these articles with you (to be updated as more are released): Lebanon Daily News article – Friday 5/3/13 edition: “A concert will be held… Read more →

Five Year Anniversary: Traumatic Brain Injury (12/2/07)

Today is Sunday, December 2, 2012. On a Sunday five years ago exactly from today, I hit my head and my life changed forever. It was December 2, 2007. Change in our lives can bring about deep seated pain. No one enjoys pain while they are enduring it. My life has been changed in so many ways from external to… Read more →

Hope After Head Injury

As you may know, there’s a huge place in my heart for brain injury awareness. My traumatic brain injury happened on 12/2/07, and it changed my entire life. I’ve been doing speaking engagements about it along with my music for a few years. Recently, I’ve had this feeling that there’s so much more I can do. God has healed me… Read more →

I opened for Jimmy Needham!

Well, this weekend I had the privilege to meet and spend some time with Jimmy Needham. He has been a huge musical and spiritual influence in my life from my brain injury to the present. I have so much respect for him, and that respect only increased from spending time with him. I remember the very first moment I heard one of his… Read more →

WJTL Interview

First radio interview… check! Yesterday morning I on WJTL (90.3 FM locally) as the in studio guest on the Get Up & Go morning show with Fred & Lisa to help promote tonight’s Jimmy Needham concert (I am opening). Everyone there couldn’t have been more kind and hospitable! It’s a wonderful station and I was so honored to be there. When John… Read more →

iTickets.com Free Download of the Week

Guess who is the featured free download of the week on iTickets? This girl! You can go and download my song, “Do You Hear the Call,” for FREE! It’s only this week though, so get it now. This is just a good week overall. I was at home with my family for Easter, and we got six baby chicks! Cute… Read more →