If there is one thing you need to know, it’s this: Cristabelle Braden offers more than music; she offers inspiration, hope, and sincerity. Cristabelle has experienced the chaos of life, risen above it, and attempted to take every stride with grace and maturity. In high school, she had a very serious traumatic brain injury and during the first month of recovery began writing music. She has already begun to craft a strong and promising career of her own while learning to live with traumatic brain injury. She has been steadily played shows, released two EP’s, studied music in Nashville, and opened for artists including Jaci Velasquez, Jimmy Needham, Shelly E. Johnson, and the band Reilly – all the while being on Dean’s List! Currently, Cristabelle is working on new material expected in 2015.

Cristabelle has been through a lot in her life. After suffering a traumatic brain injury she spent time in neuro-trauma rehabilitation therapy. Her main outlet after her injury was music. She never wrote a song before her brain injury, but only a week after, songs started to pour out of her. She was told by her doctors that she may never graduate high school, be independent from her parents, or be able to go away to college. Since then, she has grown and overcome barriers that were never dreamed possible.

All of this has given her a great resolve to use her music to share her hope-filled story of rehabilitation from brain injury and how she found healing through Christ, and how God has the power to heal and change lives. She has written over 200 songs and performs regularly at many different venues such as churches, youth groups, and coffeehouses, and has opened for artists including award-winning Christian recording artist Jaci Velasquez, Jimmy Needham, and REILLY. Her hope and prayer is that she can impact the lives of others, whether it be through a lyric, melody, or a simple word of encouragement. She has started an organization for brain injury awareness called Hope After Head Injury,

After the release of her debut EP “Harmony” in May 2011, she was interviewed on WVHO 94.5 FM, live on BCTV’s Acoustic Roadshow, and WJTL 90.3 FM as well as featured as part of WJTL’s “Unscripted” YouTube video series. In May 2013, Cristabelle released her second EP entitled “I Am Yours” followed by a summer tour throughout eastern PA and the surrounding area. She played shows with both Making A Difference Ministries and the Acoustic Roadshow, as well as was interviewed in the Lebanon Daily News, WBRE-TV’s “PA Live!”, and on WGRN FM 88.1.

In Spring 2014 she lived in Nashville, TN for one semester to study at The Contemporary Music Center. She spent all of 2014 writing new music and preparing for her college graduation in 2015, after which she intends to pursue her dream of music full time.

Having a traumatic brain injury is not an easy road, but the knowledge that God has a plan for her life has empowered her to overcome adversity. Cristabelle has come a very long way and is now a focused young woman ready to take on the world and share her music in the process.